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Application Configuration Services

Today's technology is all about moving applications to "The Cloud". While it is probably a fact that more and more of your data will be stored by service providers, it is very clear that there is no one size fits all. How data is integrated and delivered where you need it is an art and a science. Your company's investment in on-site solutions is probably significant. Moving the core of your business to an offsite company may or may not meet your companies needs or responsibilities. We can help you figure out how to get data from your web site into your customer relationship software, or maybe get the website traffic information into your sales forecasting software. Software Synergistics can help you determine what is the best solution for your company today and in the future.

Network Configuration Services

In today's Internet world, your company's access to the net is one of the foundations of your infrastructure. Being able to provide your employee's reliable, secure access to e-mail, vendor and customer applications is critical. Setting up a simple DSL or cable connection is not all that complicated. However deciding what additional precautions need to be taken can be. Depending on the data you access and store at your location, a lot more may need to be considered. Software Synergistics can help you clearly understand and mitigate the risks of connecting your company's IT resources together as well as to the Internet.

Database/Data Integration Services

Every computer application stores some kind of data. How to share that data between different applications can be a big problem for companies. Often the application has import and export features that make the task fairly straight forward. But automating that task may be more complicated. Older applications can also hinder seamless integration. Software Synergistics has the experience of getting the data you need to the application you need it in.

Server Configuration Services

Server configurations can be very complicated. Today's technology may include virtual server configurations. Planning space requirements and which applications are loaded on the server can be a daunting task to people who do not do it everyday. Application Vendors often provide a great resource for getting servers configured. But they often lack any experience in running multiple applications on the same server. Software Synergistics can provide the expertise to get your servers configured efficiently.

Internet Security Reviews

Computer MalWare today poses tremendous risk to almost all businesses. But small and medium sized companies are especially at risk since they typically do not have dedicated staff to configure their Internet security or even to analyze the risks. Every company has different needs. Software Synergistics can help your business decide what types of measures you need to implement. We can help you identify your risks and to determine what products can be used to minimize your risks.

Custom Internet Appliances

The world of custom applications has changed dramatically in the past five years. It is still changing. From Web based applications to Cloud Computing. It is very difficult to determine how to complete a needed custom application. Software Synergistics can help you implement efficient solutions in a short amount of time. We have helped a number of customers develop solutions using both physical and virtual custom Internet appliances. We also have a dedicated infrastructure for configuring and monitoring appliance applications. Call us to find out if your application is a good candidate for this technology.

We offer a variety of other services, including security audits, product evaluations, and system performance evaluations  If you do not find exactly what you are looking for please call us at (619) 667-3928 or send us your questions.  We have a long list of other professionals that may be able to help you if we can not. Our customers use our services in a wide variety of ways.  Some contract with us every two or three years when they add or update a major software component.  Other customers use us as an extension to their IT staff.   We will be happy to find the right way to work with your company to get your problems solved.

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