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In addition to offering software and system consulting services, Software Synergistics also maintains several web properties. These help us provide real-time web enabled data for our clients.

WEb Properties

Net Data Access

NetDataAccess Is a web-based infrastructure that allows Internet Appliances to have easy but secure means of exchanging data with each other as well as cloud and web-based services. Most of the devices that operate in the infrastructure use the netdataaccess.com domain. Please contact us, for more information on Software Synergistics’ complete line of Internet Appliances and other data connection services that we provide to our clients.

Your Impressions

Your Impressions was a graphics and web design firm based in the San Antonio, TX area. They were also a business partner of Software Synergistics. In 2018 Software Synergistics took over operations of the firm. We continue to support Your Impressions’ customers, but we are not pursuing new web design business. We have several very talented web design companies that we can recommend for anyone needing web design help.

Images and Pixels

Imagesandpixels.com is a web hosting platform that was part of Your Impressions. Software Synergistics continues to operate the web hosting service. We are not a public web hosting company but do offer hosting services to customers who have unique hosting needs. Contact us to discuss your specific hosting needs, we will be happy to help you find exactly the right solution for your company.

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